Latest - Tavern liquor licence rejected.

The Racing, Gaming and Liquor commission decision is here.


A development application for a family pub and bottle shop on the corner of Innesvale Way, Cheriton Drive and Joondalup Drive was submitted to Council of Wanneroo in mid-2007 and accepted on 7th August 2007. Those original plans for the tavern can be seen here.

This issue sparked lively debate in our suburbs.  A number of residents living in the vicinity felt they had been deceived because when they bought houses originally there was a suggestion the site would be developed into a service station. But it was found that the space was too tight for tankers to access, the residents association voiced a wish for a tavern and anyway, no one applied to build a service station, only a tavern.

Eventually, Council of Wanneroo convened a meeting at Carramar Community Centre where around 300 people attended. There were strong views in both directions but the clear majority were in favour of the development.

However, a liquor licence application did not follow. There were stories of someone knocking on doors in the area a few months after suggesting that plans would be amended so that a lively sports bar would be built instead. Plan drawings were obtained by CATRA but no application was ever submitted. It is likely that advice that (i) these revised plans would require a completely new development application and (ii) the residents / Council of Wanneroo would not accept them led to the stalling of these plans.

In April 2009, about 18 months after the development application was approved a liquor licence application was submitted to the Racing, Gaming and Liquor commission. But that application was rejected on about 17 separate grounds, not least of which was the proximity of the tavern / bottle shop to the nearest houses. That would appear to be the end of the matter, although in late winter 2009, an advert was placed at the site seeking anyone willing to take on the site and take up the fight.